This page contains some categories and definitions of online colloquialisms and common acronyms you are likely to come across during the Learning2.0 Program. Many of these you will have read before or may have seen your kids using, they are used predominantly in IM (instant messaging), Twittering, SMS etc. All of the tools that require character limits.

This kind of psuedo short-hand as it were came about with  the rise of SMS text messaging and popular multiplayer online gaming communities.

Below is a break down of categories and definitions. Note i will only cover the general ones however there are many out there, Should you want to learn more check out Urban Dictionary but tread carefully as it is updated by the world some definitions can offend.

General Web Terms – These terms may help you understand what you see in or on many social networking sites.

  • Post – Used in blogging refers to any one article or individual date stamped piece of data, text/photos etc.
  • Tweet – Used in Twitter, refers to a post.
  • Follower – Used in Twitter refers to people that are watching your updates
  • Feed – Articles from a particular website or blog that update live in your news aggregator
  • Widget – A small portable application used to add or control certain features (eg. A widget to display local weather details on your blog.)
  • Applet – Much the same as a Widget however used more for computer applications and less for the Web.
  • Theme – Usually a combination of fonts, borders, colours and pictures that you can apply to a page to personalise it.
  • Stub – Used on some news sites to fit in more headlines, refers to the first or most important part of an article while linking to the rest of the article on another page.
  • Tag – Tags are used as a short one word descriptor of an item (be it Photo, Post etc.) which can be used to aide searching
  • Meme – Meme’s are internet trends that pop up and have a massive spike in popularity. Some remain while others die off quiclkly, examples of internet meme’s are; LOLcats (see below) and Rick rolling. For a list of Top ten internet  meme’s with descriptions check this out.

Short Acronyms  – These ones rose with popularity as SMS’ing and IM grew. Now they are all but part of our language with many online dictionaries referencing them.

  • LOL – laughing out loud
  • BRB – Be Right Back
  • GR8 – Great!
  • GTG – Got to go
  • CU – See you – literally meaning, See you later.
  • CYA – See ya – same as above.
  • AFAIK – As far as I know
  • IMHO – In my humble opinion (This ones is big in blogging, twittering and online forums)
  • HOAS – Hold on a second
  • OMG – Oh my god/gosh
  • FAQ – Frequently asked questions – (seen on websites for companies or organisations)
  • UR – Your
  • THX – Thanks
  • RTFM – Read the flippin’ manual (occasionally the flippin’ is replaced with another word)
  • TTFN – Ta-Ta for now
  • TTYL – Talk to you later

Online Gaming – This one evolved from users interacting with each other in an online environment where quick messages could be written to other players in the given game allowing the shortest time possible away from gameplay.

  • GG – Good game
  • BRB – Be right back
  • LOL – Laughing out loud
  • ROFL – Rolling on floor laughing
  • PWN – Translation of OWN, Meaning you are better than them or have just killed their online character. (“I just pwned that guy!”)
  • n00b – Translation from Newb meaning “new to” or a beginner, this is used as an insult

LOLSPEAK – Lolspeak is an odd phenomenon that came to be from the lolcat meme that nearly took over the internet.

While I won’t post actual conversions to normal words here I will encourage you to go and check out for an overview of what it’s all about, I’m sure you’ve all seen the pictures of a cute cat with very bad spelling and grammar, well that’s basically it. Also checkout “I can has cheezeburger?” for some more LOLcat action. Caveat Lector! – This may melt your brains.


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  • 1. Keil  |  May 19, 2009 at 8:33 pm

    HOAS … U mean these are 4 real? OMG! I need to RTFM every time i want 2 say sumthin. LOL. I think its GR8. IMHO this n00b needs 2 spend more time with the FAQ! THX every1 who is involved in this program. GTG, TTYL.

    HOAS ….. nah, got nuffin else :-Þ


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